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Jonathan Nadler

Tennis Technology will allow players to track ball placement

For those looking to easily improve their tennis game, but also keep track of how they are improving, there may be an answer for this in the near future. New tennis technology aims to utilize the tennis racquet itself as a means of enabling players to track their improvement and performance during play. The Babolat Play Pure Drive, which is already on the market, and the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor are the two newest products boasting this ability for tennis players. 

For those individuals interested in test-driving these gadgets, they will be able to play a game of tennis and then review the amount of both forehand and backhand shots they took, as well as the speed and accuracy of shots.  All of this is extremely valuable information to players looking to improve their game and really pinpoint areas that need improvement.  The data recorded by these new devices can be saved and shared with a wide variety of technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Players of all levels can benefit from this device, in that they can anayluze their play as if they were observing their own game, rather than just playing it.  They can look back at just what they were doing right and wrong, and correct things as necessary.

This technology could certainly be revolutionary for the game of tennis and players’ ability to improve.  Granted, there are certain things that the technology cannot track or rectify, such as positioning and body placement, but it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for allowing players to dramatically improve their skills and overall game play.

It will be interesting to see how this gadget will be incorporated- if at all allowed- in professional play.  Will it be seen as too advantageous, akin to cheating?  After all, it would enable players to change their game mid-match.  It will be up to the United States Tennis Association as to how these devices will, or will not be allowed at the professional level.