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Jonathan Nadler


Tennis is a great sport.  Not only is it great exercise, but it allows you can play it indoors or outdoors and it is a great deal of fun.  Although a somewhat simple game, it takes extreme hand-eye coordination and a great deal of fine-tuning your skill in order to improve at tennis.  Here are some of the easiest, but most effective ways to improve your tennis games and feel more confident on the court!

1.  Be ready for the ball:  Sounds like common sense, and it is, in a way.  But you can never be too early for squaring up your stance for the oncoming ball.  Get your hips and shoulders rotated back before the ball whizzes past you and get your racquet pulled back, ready to return.

2. Follow ALLLL The way through: You have probably heard that follow through, in any sport, is important.  But in really exaggerating your follow through, you can really take control of the game.  Move your feet, move your arms, twist your torso, and really hit the ball back with your entire body.

3. One bounce only:  Even if you’re just playing a casual volley with a friend, you should keep the rule in your mind that the ball can only bounce once.  Even if you think you have no possible chance of returning that shot, you should run for that ball! Chances are, you’ll end up returning those shots you never thought were possible, and your game will start to improve.

4.  Be Ready for Return:  So many players will make an incredible shot, only to stand back like a spectator and admire their awesome shot.  It is so important to get back into position after every shot.  You have to be ready for them to return your shot so you can keep up with the volley.  Recover immediately after your shot- you will find yourself returning more and more and making better shots over time.

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