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Hosts Dan Pashman and Laurie March reveal to viewers the tricks of the trade in the Cooking Channel’s new original web series, Good To Know. His segments range from: Last Minute Party Show, Olive Oil Hacks, How To Make Fun Dough, Turn Leftover Chinese Food Into Italian and more!

One of the most helpful Good To Know videos is 5 Ways to Save a Ruined Recipe. In two minutes this video gives the viewers quick tips on what to do the recipe is too sweet, the bread is too stale, the chicken soup is too salty, the chili is too spicy, or the soup is burnt.

Here are the tips to save your ruined recipe:

1. Too sweet? Add salt or red wine.

2. Is your loaf of bread too stale? Wrap the loaf of bread into a damp paper towel to add moisture. Then bake it for 5 or 10 minutes on 350 degrees.

3. Is your chicken soup too salty? Add raw potatoes to absorb the sodium and then remove them. You can use the potatoes for your next batch of mashed potatoes.

4. Is your chili too spicy? Add sour cream.

5. Did you scorch your soup? Remove the pot from the stove and submerge the entire pot into cold water. Then, separate the burned bottom from the good top by scooping the good part of the soup into a separate pot. Do not stir!

Another helpful two minute video Dan and Laurie have explains to viewers how they can make ice cream without an ice cream machine.

For Dan’s Ricotta, Caramel, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:

Ingredients needed: Ricotta cheese, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and whole milk.


1. Blend Ricotta cheese in food processor until smooth

2. Add caramel sauce and milk, blend until smooth

4. Add chocolate chips, pulse the food processor to break up chocolate chips

6. Place the mixture into a plastic bag and press the air out of it, place that bag into another bag for safe keeping

7. Put the bag into the freezer for three hours, or up to two weeks


For Laurie’s Yogurt Blend:

Ingredients: yogurt, frozen berries (try raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries)

1. Place yogurt into ice cream trays, place in freezer

2. Once frozen, remove yogurt from freezer

3. Place berries in the food processor first, then add yogurt cubes and blend

4. Put mixture in the freezer, and remove every twenty minutes to stir

5. Ice cream is ready when the mixture is at a consistency where you can scoop it easily

These two have some very informative, and interesting videos. Plus, they’re usually under two minutes!

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